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Welcome to Joox, South Africa's Number 1 music streaming app.
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Stream and download songs on your cell phone or tablet. Connect your device to the internet via WiFi or mobile data and download a music app from the Google Play Store (Android)  or the App Store (iOs Apple). Some music apps are free to use like the JOOX music app, which also offers a premium subscription such as JOOX VIP with added benefits for a monthly fee.
In the app, tap on the profile pic (top left corner) > Subscriptions & Benefits, scroll down until you see  "Redeem VIP"...tap on this and enter the code. 

JOOX , the music app for music lovers.


As a Club Daddy Member, you get VIP access which includes ad-free music.
Nothing worse than an ad popping up in the middle of your favourite song.

Unlimited music downloads

JOOX VIP's can download as many songs as they want and have them at their fingertips.

Create & Share your playlists

Found an amazing new song you want to share with your friends?
Got a playlist of pumping songs  you need while you Pump it in the gym? 

Browse Playlists

Need some inspiration? Browse hundreds of JOOX playlists and  dowload them to your phone. 

Karaoke Anyone

You dont have to admit it, but we know you engage in private Karaoke. Now you can do it professionally with JOOX Karaoke  

Wide range of music

Access all your favorite local and international music. 

Find out more about JOOX here.

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